Survey 2: Emigrant Dutch - Cultural environment

Dear participant,


Please note: this survey is the second one in a series. We would like to ask you to complete this survey after you have finished the first survey. Did you not fill in the first survey yet? You can still do this via the following link:


Welcome to the second survey about ‘Emigrant Dutch’. This survey is intended for all emigrated Dutch and Flemish people, and for everyone descending from Dutch or Flemish emigrants. The purpose of ‘Emigrant Dutch’ is to map to what extent the Dutch language and culture change due to emigration. In this survey you will be asked a couple of questions about the Dutch and Flemish culture, from stories and songs to media usage, holidays, eating habits and clothing. The same questions have been asked to Dutch and Flemish people in the Low Countries.


The survey is conducted by ethnologists and linguists of the Meertens Instituut (a research institute that studies and documents the Dutch language and culture), in cooperation with the Nederlandse Taalunie (‘Dutch Language Union’, the organisation in which the Netherlands, Flanders and Suriname work together in the field of the Dutch language). More information about the project can be found on the project website Vertrokken Nederlands – Emigrant Dutch ( and via the Facebook Group Vertrokken Nederlands, of which everyone can become a member:


We process your data anonymously and the information will only be used for scientific purposes. We do, however, ask you to fill in your e-mail address at the end of the survey, so that we can invite you for follow-up surveys in the future. If you wish, we can also send you intermediate summaries of our results.


For any questions or comments, you can contact the project leader, Nicoline van der Sijs, e-mail address:



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Nicoline van der Sijs



It will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete this survey.