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Sjef Barbiers, Leonie Cornips and Susanne van der Kleij (eds)
Syntactic Microvariation
Electronic book with contributions by Sjef Barbiers, Claudia Bucheli & Elvira Glaser, Leonie Cornips, Gunther De Vogelaer, Annemie Neuckermans, Guido Vanden Wyngaerd, Jürg Fleischer, Liliane Haegeman, Bernd Kortmann, Cecilia Poletto , Guido Seiler, Jeroen Van Craenenbroeck & Marjo van Koppen, Helmut Weiß
Hans Bennis
Featuring the subject in Dutch imperatives.
To appear in Wim van der Wurff (ed.) Imperative Clauses in Generative Grammar; studies offered to Frits Beukema. Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. (2001, pdf-file)
Unergative Adjectives and Psych Verbs.
To appear in A. Alexiadou, E. Anagnostopoulou & M. Everaert (eds.) Unaccusativity. Oxford University Press. (2002, pdf-file)
Agreement, pro and imperatives
First version; comments wellcome. To appear in Ackema, Schoorlemmer & Weerman (eds). (2002, pdf-file)
Hans Bennis en Marc van Oostendorp (red.)
The History of GLOW 1978-2002
An overview
Leonie Cornips
Syntactic variation, parameters and their social distribution.
In: Language Variation and Change 10.1. 1-21 (1998) (pdf-bestand)
The use of gaan+infinitive in narratives of older bilingual children of Moroccan and Turkish descent
In: Ton van der Wouden and Helen de Hoop (eds.) Linguistics in the Netherlands 2000. Amsterdam, John Benjamins, 2000.
Habitual doen in Heerlen Dutch
In Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade, Marijke van der Wal & Arjan van Leuvensteijn (eds.), DO in English, Dutch and German. History and present-day variation, Amsterdam/ Münster: Stichting Neerlandistiek/ Nodus Publikationen: 83-101.
The spread of the reflexive adjunct middle in the Limburg dialects: 1885-1994
Linguistics in the Netherlands 1996 (Cremers C. and M. Den Dikken (eds.) 49 60. (pdf-bestand, 1996)
Leonie Cornips en Aafke Hulk
Affected objects in Heerlen Dutch and Romance
In: Languages in Contrast 1.2, 191-210. (1999, pdf-bestand)
Ergative reflexives in Heerlen Dutch and French
Studia Linguistica 50,1. 1-21. (1996)
Ton Goeman
Linguistic and geographical co-occurrence constraints on /r/ and /g/ in Dutch dialects
Slides van een presentatie op 16.10.2000
Perception of dialect distance: Standard and dialect in relation to new data on Dutch varieties
In: Handbook of Perceptual Dialectology Vol II. Editor: Dennis R. Preston. Uitgeverij Benjamins
Aafke Hulk and Leonie Cornips
Reflexives in middles and the syntax-semantics interface
In: H. Bennis and M. Everaert, eds. Interface Strategies, KNAW-series.Elsevier, Amsterdam. 207-222.
Theo Meder
"There were a Turk, a Moroccan and a Dutchman..." Narrative repertoires in the multi-ethnic neighbourhood of Lombok in the Dutch city of Utrecht.
Lecture at the DGV Conference 'Erzählen zwischen den Kulturen', Augsburg, Duitsland. September 2002.
To Believe or Not to Believe... The Crop Circle Phenomenon in the Netherlands.
Lecture at 'Perspectives on Contemporary Legend', the 20nd international conference of the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research; Thursday July 25 2002, University of Sheffield, England.
Marc van Oostendorp
Offprints 1999-2001
of various articles and manuscripts. (pdf)
Marc van Oostendorp and Elena Anagnostopoulou (eds.)
Progress in Grammar. Articles at the 20th Anniversary of the Comparison of Grammatical Models Group in Tilburg
Gerard Rooijakkers
Identity Factory Southeast. Towards a lexible Cultural Leisure Infrastructure.
In: Diane Dodd & Annemoon van Hemel (eds.), Planning Cultural Tourism in Europe. A Presentation of Theories and Cases (Amsterdam: Boekman Foundation / Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, 1999) 101-111. (pdf, on the idzo website)