The Syntactic Atlas of Swiss German Dialects: Empirical and Methodological Problems

Elvira Glaser and Claudia Bucheli

Universität Zürich (Switzerland)
In our talk we'll give a description of the aims, the methods and the material of the Syntactic Atlas of Swiss German dialects (SASG) we are going to make. Dialectal syntactic structures are the subject of various disciplines: dialectology, general grammar and typology. Only some years ago the Swiss German Dialect Atlas (Sprachatlas der deutschen Schweiz (SDS)), which is considered a major work in German dialectology, has been finished. Although the authors initially had the intention to include syntactic phenomena the atlas only shows half a dozen maps demonstrating geographical syntactic variation. The reason why there are so few syntactic maps is not to be found in the research object itself but in the specific difficulties of syntactic investigation in general. Our talk will deal with the different research methods of various syntactic phenomena we use in our research project. We'll also give an overview over the investigated phenomena and we'll show first results of our investigation with written questionnaires.
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