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The Corpus of First Names in The Netherlands presents 600.000 names. The names originate from the Civil Registration (2015) enhanced with recent names that were made available by the Social Security Bank. Also included are first names from the latest edition of Prisma Voornamen (edited by J. van de Schaar, revised by Doreen Gerritzen) which are not used anymore in The Netherlands.
For many names the annual popularity distribution since 1880, and a geographic distribution is presented. For about 20.000 names an explanation can be found. By following the link 'lists of popular names' the most frequent names per year can be found, from 1880 onwards, per municipality, region, province or for the Netherlands as a whole.The information is available in Dutch only.
Gerrit Bloothooft (Universiteit Utrecht), GBA co-ordinator
Matthijs Brouwer, programming
Jan Pieter Kunst, application components