Peter Jan Margry

Peter Jan Margry

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Senior Researcher Religious Culture at the Meertens Institute --- Senior-onderzoeker Religieuze Cultuur

Vice-President SIEF - International Society for Ethnology and Folklore

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'Modern Devotions'. Persons and Patterns in the Netherlands and Europe. Comparative ethnological research into contemporanean shifts in sacrality and processes of individualisation of religion.
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Strategic Models of Saintity. Saintly and heroic Dutch in the 21st century.

Culture Wars in the Netherlands and Europe in the 19th and 20th century.

Places of Pilgrimage in the Netherlands (=  Bedevaartplaatsen in Nederland (BiN) / Bin on Line (BoL)).

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Publications since 1980

Teedere Quaesties. Religieuze Rituelen in conflict. Confrontaties tussen katholieken en protestanten rond de processiecultuur in 19e-eeuws Nederland
(PhD; University of Tilburg 2000)
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Samenvatting    (= Summary in Dutch)
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