4.1 Audio digitizing at the Meertens Instituut
Since 1998 there are two studio's operational at the Meertens Institute (MI), they where set up with the intention to digitize our own sound archive. There however where so many requests for information on this subject and we also noticed the lack of space for digitizing small and larger quantity of sound carriers in the Netherlands that we dicided to share our knowledge and experience with other institutes and university's.
The audio digitizing department is under control of Kees Grijpink who has over 37 years of experience as a sound engineer.
During this period he worked for Dutch and international record company's in different functions and he became specialized in:

  • Record plating,
  • Disc cutting engineer,
  • Mastering engineer,
  • Compilation engineer,
  • CD pre-mastering,
  • Digital re-mastering,
  • Audio conservation
  • Audio restoration,
  • Sound design.
Because of this experience and proper investments the MI studio's are playing an important roll in conserving Dutch cultural heritage.
To keep the workflow under control he can call upon a team of sound engineers.
Besides audio digitizing we also give advice to museum's, university's, regional and local sound archives in and outside the Netherlands.
Most of the advice concerns storage and handling of vintage sound carriers and for guidelines or assistance with audio digitizing.
We also cooperated and participated on different occasions with organizations like the ECPA (European Commission on Preservation and Access) at the "TAPE" seminar (Training for Audiovisual Preservation in Europe)  meeting of October 2004. For Digital Heritage Netherlands (DEN) we participate in the board of expert that sets digital standards for all Dutch heritage organizations.
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