Marc van Oostendorp

Function: Researcher Variation linguistics (phonology/grammar)
Research interests:
  • Phonological (micro-)variation and Optimality Theory
  • The relation between social and individual variation
  • Eastern Generative Grammar Summerschool
    I will teach in this school in Wroclaw next year (summer 2005).
  • Recent book publications:
    • Phonological Projection; A Theory of Schwa in Optimality Theory, Mouton - De Gruyter, Berlin, 2000.
    • (with B. Hermans, eds.) The Derivational Residue in Phonological Optimality Theory. John Benjamins, Amsterdam.

    In preparation:

    For an extended list of publications, see the CV above, and the Meertens publications database.

    Unpublished manuscripts, handouts, abstracts:

    For more information, see my private page.


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