Bylinina, L.

Wetenschappelijk artikel in tijdschrift

  • Bylinina, L., & Sudo, Y. (2015). Varieties of Intensification. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. 10.1007/s11049-015-9291-y

Wetenschappelijk artikel in boeken, bundel en/of proceedings

  • Bylinina, L., Sudo, Y., & McCready, E. (2015). Notes on Perspective-Sensitivity. In P. Arkadiev, I. Kapitonov, & Y. Lander (Eds.), Donum Semanticum: Opera Linguistica et Logica in Honorem Barbarae Partee a Discipulis Amicisque Rossicis Oblata. Moscow: LRC Publishing.
  • Bylinina, L., Sudo, Y., Ivlieva, N., & Podobryaev, A. (2015). An In Situ Semantics for Ordinals. In NELS 45: Proceedings of the Forty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society. (pp. 135-144). Amherst: GLSA.


  • Perspective‐sensitive anaphora: the case of Japanese zibun, Pronouns: Syntax, Semantics, Processing, 18 juni 2015
  • A non-superlative semantics for ordinals (met N. Ivlieva, A. Podobryaev en Y. Sudo., Societas Linguistica Europaea 2015, 2 september 2015
  • Perspective-sensitive anaphora: the case of Japanese “zibun”, Semantics and Philosophy in Europe 8, 17 september 2015
  • Topological rarities in the domain of numeral derivation, 11th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic and Communication. Number: Cognitive, Semantic and Crosslinguistic approaches, 11 december 2015


  • The Semantics of Perspective-Sensitivity, An advanced Language and Logic Course (met Yasutada Sudo (UCL)), 10 – 14 augustus 2015


  • Lingua
  • Journal of Semantics
  • Natural Language & Linguistic Theory