Poster presentations

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Authors Title
Bacskai-Atkari, Julia Relative features and lower complementisers in West-Germanic comparatives
Bomans, Cas On the development of blijken and turn out: how did these verbs become linguistic markers of surprise?
Gunkel, Lutz & Jutta M. Hartmann Prepositional object clauses in German and Dutch
Leenders, Gijs, Rick de Graaff & Marjo van Koppen Linguïstische concepten ter verrijking van het grammaticaonderwijs in de alfavakken op middelbare scholen
Mersch, Sam Luxembourgish within Western Germanic
Nowak, Jessica, Lisa Dücker, Stefan Hartmann & Renata Szczepaniak Sentence-internal capitalization in German, English, and Dutch: Historical parallels and divergent development
Okabe, Ami STAND and LIE in expressing the location of buildings and landforms
Sleeman, Ruby DP-internal modification: Ordering ordinals and superlatives in Dutch and German
Stöcker, Kristin & Martin Konvička Ellipses and non-ellipses in Dutch, English, and German: The case of because X