Getting around

On Foot

Walking is free, easy, and efficient within Amsterdam’s compact center.

Public Transport

The city has an extensive public transportation network, with buses, trams, trains, ferries, and a subway system. You need an ov chipkaart ‘public transport chip card’ to ride (except for the ferries, which are free). Access to subway and train stations also requires a public transport chip card. See here and here for more info. See also:

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  • for more information about local transportation within the city (including maps and tickets)
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Note that you cannot pay for tickets on the bus or tram with cash. The ferries from the north side of the city are free for cyclists and pedestrians.


Of course you could also rent a bike, for which there are numerous options. The Bushuis has an indoor parking facility for bikes.


Taxi’s are the most expensive way to get around. As in any major city, use common sense when taking a cab. At the airport and train stations, only use the official taxi ranks (taxistandplaatsen). Official taxi’s have blue license plates. Uber is also available. Click here for more info on taxi’s and Uber.