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Metadata Slovene Dialect Database on Doubling (SDDD)

The dialect data in this database is based on an online questionnaire distributed over the internet in the period March/April 2009. The respondents were contacted via emails in which they were provided with a link (URL) and invited to fill in the questionnaire.The sociolinguistic situation in Slovenia is such that this available range of respondents was not a big disadvantage. The mother tongue of Slovene speakers of all generations is as a rule one of the dialectal varieties, and not the standard language, and they preserve it through regular use when speaking to other users of the same dialect or a mutually intelligible dialect.

The questionnaire consisted of 19 questions; in total there were 137 sentences. The questions included both judgment sentences and translation tasks. For the judgment task the respondents were asked to judge a given sentence, they could score a sentence with marks ranging from 1 to 5. The marks were defined as follows:

  1. non-existant in my dialect
  2. very rare in my dialect
  3. sometimes used in my dialect
  4. often used in my dialect
  5. used daily in my dialect

The question sentences mainly focus on syntactic doubling and related phenomena.

The Slovene Dialect Database contains responses of 126 informants. The respondents are all speakers of a Slovene dialect. Information concerning their age, gender, profession and place of birth has also been gathered. The age of the informants ranges from 21 to 63, the majority of the informants are in their twenties. The data that has been collected covers as much of the Slovene language area as possible.

If the questionnaire was not completed fully enough, that is, if not enough questions were answered for the questionnaire to be useful, the questionnaire was not included in the database.

The question sentences and the translations have been enriched with part-of-speech tags from the Edisyn tag set, which are in turn compatible with the ISOcat tag set (for more information on these tag sets and In addition, the dialect data has been translated into English, on a word-by-word basis.

The responsible person for the Slovene dialect database is Marko Hladnik ( The Slovene database is made public by the Meertens Institute at

Ajdovščina45.886915 13.909785
Ankaran45.579024 13.73614
Artiče45.9518821020035 15.5846185369931
Blanca45.9925754673321 15.3892552193669
Bočna46.2891314999485 14.8530518783017
Bočna near Gornji Grad46.2891314999485 14.8530518783017
Brežice45.9067139875044 15.5916679907424
Celje46.231018 15.260294
Cerkno46.128889 13.9896
Cetore near Izola45.5020840061016 13.6485960035531
Dekani45.547923 13.811826
Dobova45.8951749427633 15.6605564729179
Dobriša vas46.245245 15.181547
Dol pri Gornjem Gradu46.1482800006152 14.3667739996733
Dolenjske Toplice45.756753 15.059274
Dolga Poljana45.8760120002827 13.9360059981768
Godovič45.9575420001247 14.0922639990967
Gorenje Kamence near Novo mesto45.8355630000213 15.1403190000778
Gornja Radgona46.676625 15.99116
Gornji Grad46.296211 14.806291
Hajdina near Ptuj46.4185040169553 15.8244465435729
Hotedršica45.930724 14.138734
Hrušica, parents from elsewhere46.4489067800477 14.0111500405645
Idrija46.002929 14.027864
Ig45.9586219564692 14.527210981124
Jesenice46.436421 14.055697
Jesenice, parents from elsewhere46.436421 14.055697
Kanal ob Soči46.085324 13.634303
Kanomlja46.059675918381 13.8996651988231
Kobjeglava45.8145899992986 13.8095710001991
Kočevje45.639195973115 14.864756003198
Koper45.5482650551154 13.7311711330191
Kovor46.34136 14.280113
Kranj46.239207 14.355654
Laško46.15425315351 15.2360020276817
Laze by Jesenice na Dolenjskem45.8507600082999 15.633923989061
Lendava46.565081 16.451323
Litija46.060222 14.821732
Ljubljana46.0514315189724 14.5059847582846
Ljubljana, parents from Ajdovščina46.0514315189724 14.5059847582846
Lovrenc na Pohorju46.539233 15.388817
Maribor46.557395 15.646031
Metlika45.6512 15.316477
Mihalovec near Brežice45.8926729987869 15.6520299798951
Mirna Peč45.859528 15.082406
Modrej46.157416 13.750077
Murska Sobota46.66124 16.164904
Notranjska region45.7754982825505 14.2147824656325
Nova Gorica45.956341 13.64797
Novo mesto45.8042081114959 15.1697986680202
Orlek near Sežana45.6902820005649 13.8428059989532
Otok46.2994129991835 14.8553109991869
Planina near Cerkno46.1235139999565 14.0121979999314
Polzela near Celje46.2795035829593 15.0771227654788
Ponikva pri Grobelnem46.2537220001635 15.4439450039487
Popetre near Koper45.49847 13.855186
Postojna45.7754982825505 14.2147824656325
Preserje south of Ljubljana45.955103 14.416582
Prevalje46.546482 14.918104
Ptuj46.4199602455275 15.8700829282301
Radeče46.0654990340114 15.1820119477177
Radenci46.642769 16.039892
Ravne na Koroškem46.5442370616668 14.9619079996444
Ribnica45.7386469941478 14.7273880082867
Rumanja vas45.778279 15.065701
Rumanja vas near Straži45.778279 15.065701
Ruperče near Maribor46.5596519995108 15.7476319994361
Ruše46.5362599998247 15.4967229834528
Sela near Dobova45.9159640366499 15.6326442809179
Sela pri Straži45.7871177071755 15.0961964400407
Šempas45.927794 13.745781
Sežana45.709192 13.873487
Slovenj Gradec46.511201 15.080331
Šmarje pri Kopru45.501652 13.719453
Smlednik46.162972 14.430793
Sodražica45.763551 14.632638
Spodnja Idrija46.033187 14.023118
Stari trg pri Ložu45.714055 14.47116
Straža45.787256 15.081271
Uršna sela45.717783 15.126178
Velenje46.358712 15.108
Vrtojba45.9138522406583 13.6361964282754
Zadlog by ?rni Vrhu nad Idrijo45.9411646579642 14.0050103589675
Žalec46.251964 15.165151
Žiri, parents from nearby46.0469740054599 14.1100350138047