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Tags used in the SDDD corpus
1 first person
2 second person
3 third person
acc accusative case
aux auxiliary
comp comparative
dat dative cause
def definite
dem demonstrative
f feminine
fin finite
fut future tense
gen genitive case
imp imperative
inf infinitive
inst instrumental case
inter interrogative (=wh)
loc locative case
m masculine
neg negative
neut neuter
nom nominative case
num numeral
Part Particle
pass passive
pers personal
pl plural
poss possessive (case)
pp past participle
prep preposition
pres present tense
refl reflexive
rel relative
sg singular
sup superlative
A Adjective
Adv Adverb
C Complementizer
Cl Clitic
D Determiner
Intj Interjection
N Noun
Negmrk Negatiom marker
P Adposition
Pron Pronoun
QPart Question particle
V Verb