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Terms used in the Nordic Dialect Corpus
case_akk accusative case
case_gen genitive case
case_nom nominative case
defn_be definite
defn_ub indefinite
degr_komp comparative
degr_sup superlative
num_ent singular
num_fl plural
pers_1 first person
pers_2 second person
pers_3 third person
pos_adj adjective
pos_adv adverb
pos_det determiner
pos_inf-merke infinitive marker
pos_interj interjection
pos_conj coordinating conjunction
pos_prep preposition
pos_pron pronoun
pos_sbu subordinating conjunction
pos_subst noun
pos_verb verb
sex_fem feminine
sex_mask masculine
sex_nyt neuter gender
temp_imp imperative
temp_inf non-finite verb form
temp_pres present tense
temp_pret past tense
temp_pret:perf-part past tense or past participle
type_appell noun
type_appell_uby noun
type_dem determiner
type_quant quantifying
type_pers personal
type_pers:hum human
type_prop proper noun
type_refl reflexive
type_res reciprocal
type_q interrogative