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Tags used in the EMK corpus
A adjective
Adv adverb
Adva affixal adverb (in phrasal verbs)
Ak comparative adjective
As superlative adjective
H proper name
Intr interrogative
Konj conjunction
Mn negation marker
Ms comparative word
Muu other
Numj ordinal numeral
Nump cardinal numeral
Ono onomatopoetic words
Par discourse particle (including interjections)
Post postposition
Pre preposition
ProA pro-adjective
ProAdv pro-adverb
ProS pronoun
S noun
Suht communicative words ('thank you', 'here you are', 'hello')
V verb
Va auxiliary
X unclear (unfinished words, etc.)

Categories marked on nominals

ab abessive case
abl ablative case
ad adessive case
add additive case
all allative case
el elative case
es essive case
g genitive case
ill illative case
in inessive case
inst instructive case
kom comitative case
n nominative case
p partitive case
pl plural
poss possessive endings
sg singular
ter terminative case
tr translative case

Categories marked on verbs

ger gerund
imp imperative mood
ind indicative mood
inf inifinitive
ipf simple past
ips impersonal
jus jussive mood (evidential imperative)
knd conditional mood
kvt quotative mood (evidential)
neg negation
nud past active participle
pas personal passive
pl plural
pot potential mood
pr present
ps personal
sg singular
sup supine (second infintive)
tav present passive participle
tud past passive participle
v present active participle
1 first person ending
2 second person ending
3 third person ending