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Tags used in the CORDIAL-SIN corpus


VB infinitive
VB-F inflected infinitive
VB-I imperative
VB-P present tense
VB-SP present subjunctive
VB-D past and past perfect tense
VB-RA verbal forms with the inflectional morpheme -ra
VB-SD past subjunctive
VB-R future and conditional tense
VB-SR future subjunctive
VB-G gerund
VB-G-F inflected gerund
VB-PP perfect participle
VB-AN participle
SR infinitive of ser
SR-F inflected ser
SR-I imperative of ser
SR-P ser in present tense
SR-SP present subjunctive of ser
SR-D ser in past or past perfect tense
SR-SD past subjunctive of ser
SR-R ser in future or conditional tense
SR-SR future subjunctive of ser
SR-G gerund of ser
SR-G-F inflected gerund of ser
SR-PP perfect participle of ser
HV infinitive of haver
HV-F inflected haver
HV-I imperative of haver
HV-P haver in present tense
HV-SP present subjunctive of haver
HV-D haver in past or past perfect tense
HV-RA haver with the inflectional morpheme -ra
HV-SD past subjunctive of haver
HV-R haver in future or conditional tense
HV-SR future subjunctive of haver
HV-G gerund of haver
HV-PP perfect participle of haver
HV-AN participle of haver
ET infinitive of estar
ET-F inflected estar
ET-I imperative of estar
ET-P estar in present tense
ET-SP present subjunctive of estar
ET-D estar in past or past perfect tense
ET-RA estar with the inflectional morpheme -ra
ET-SD past subjunctive of estar
ET-R estar in future or conditional tense
ET-SR future subjunctive of estar
ET-G gerund of estar
ET-G-F inflected gerund of estar
ET-PP perfect participle of estar
TR infinitive of ter
TR-F inflected ter
TR-I imperative of ter
TR-P ter in present tense
TR-SP present subjunctive of ter
TR-D ter in past or past perfect tense
TR-RA ter with the inflectional morpheme -ra
TR-SD past subjunctive of ter
TR-R ter in future or conditional tense
TR-SR future subjunctive of ter
TR-G gerund of ter
TR-G-F inflected gerund of ter
TR-PP perfect participle of ter
TR-AN participle of ter

Agreement - nominal inflection

-F feminine
-G invariable
-P plural


N noun
NPR proper noun


PRO pronoun
P+PR preposition + oblique form
PRO$ possessive pronoun
CL clitic
SE clitic se
CL+CL clitic cluster
SE+CL se + any clitic


D definite article
D inflected demonstrative
D-UM indefinite article and cardinal um/uma 'one'
DEM uninflected demonstrative

Special tags

OUTRO outro
COISO coiso/coisa
MESMO mesmo
TAL tal
MAL mal
SENAO senão


ADJ adjective
ADJ-R exclamative/comparative adjective
ADJ-S superlative adjective


ADV adverb
ADV-R exclamative/comparative adverb
ADV-S superlative adverb
ADV-NEG negative adverb


Q canonical quantifiers and adverbs as event quantifiers ('much', 'little')
Q-NEG negative quantifier


CONJ coordinating conjunction
CONJ-NEG nem 'nor' as connector of two negative conjuncts
CONJS subordinating conjunction


C complementizer

Relative and interrogative/exclamative words

WPRO relative word
WPRO$ relative word
WADV relative word
WPRO interrogative/exclamative word
WADV interrogative/exclamative word
C interrogative/exclamative word
WD interrogative/exclamative determiner


P preposition
P-NEG negative preposition
P+PRO preposition
P+D preposition
P+D-UM preposition
P+DEM preposition
P+ADV preposition
P+OUTRO preposition

Focus and emphasis markers

FP focus and emphasis marker
FP-NEG nem 'nor' when used as an emphatic marker

Cardinal numbers

NUM cardinal number


NEG negation marker

Interjections and onomatopoeias

INTJ interjection


X unknown word
QT quotation marks
DS dash