Nine researchers from the Meertens Institute hold a position as Endowed Professor at a Dutch university. Also other researchers give (guest) lectures and courses at Dutch universities and abroad.

Sjef Barbiers - Universiteit Utrecht

Chair: Dutch variation linguistics



Hans Bennis - Universiteit van Amsterdam

Chair: Dutch language variation




Leonie Cornips - Maastricht University

Chair: Language culture in Limburg



Louis Grijp - Universiteit Utrecht

Chair: Dutch song culture in present and past



Frans Hinskens - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Chair: Language variation and change



Peter Jan Margry - Universiteit van Amsterdam

Chair: European ethnology


Marc van Oostendorp - Universiteit Leiden

Chair: Phonological microvariation




Herman Roodenburg - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Chair: Historical anthropology and ethnology of Europe



Nicoline van der Sijs - Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Chair: Historical linguistics of Dutch in the digital world