Leonie Cornips

fotograaf: Paul van der Veer

Research Interests:


·         Linguistic construction of local and social identities

·         Linguistic variation in ‘old’ and ‘new’ non—standard varieties of Dutch: new regional varieties in Limburg, hybrid varieties of Dutch


·         Bilingual child acquisition (2L1/child L2)


·         Syntactic elicitation of dialect features

Syntactic variation:

·         grammatical gender, argument structure: double objects and reflexives, DO-support and verbal clusters


·         Vacancy PhD candidate (deadline 01.08.2016): “Linguistic inequality within VMBO classes in a Dutch peripheral area (province of Limburg)’ NWO/GW


·         Vacancy PhD candidate (deadline 01.08.2016): “Multilingualism at the work place: the use of Dutch and German in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion”


·         PhD-candidate: Lysbeth Jongbloed "The use of Frisian in social media"; 01.11.2015 - 01.11.2019. Financed by Fryske Akademie & UM/FASoS.

·         PhD-candidate: Nantke Pecht "Speaking Cité Duits in a coalminers’ neighborhood: The construction and reproduction of social identities through language practices"; 01.09.2015 – 31-12.2019. Financed by DAAD & NWO_GW.

·         PhD-candidate: Jolien Clijsen “Wellbeing and Social integration of (communicatively impaired) bilinguals/bidialectals. Advancing the European Multilingual Experience (ATheme)”; 01.08.2014 through 01.07.2018. Financed by EU FP7/Meertens Instituut (KNAW)/Maastricht University

·         2014: MA Kirsten van der Heuij (Junior researcher). Cognitive development of bilingual dialectspeaking children in Limburg. In collaboration with Dr. Elma Blom’s VIDI Cognitive Development in Emerging Bilingualism (CoDEmBi). Financed by: SWOL (UM), Literature&Arts (UM), Languageculture in Limburg (UM), VIDI-grant Elma Blom (UU), Theoretical Linguistics (UvA), Meertens Instituut and Road veur ‘t Limburgs.

·         PhD-candidate: Kristel Peters “Normativity and voice in peripheral areas: Limburg in the era of superdiversity”; 16-10-2013 through 16-10- 2017. Financed by NWO_MAGW

·         PhD-candidate: Lotte Thissen “Constructions of local identities in Limburg: Feelings of belonging through languaugecultural practices"; 01-08-2011 through 01-08-2015. Financed by the Province of Limburg.



·         2012-2014: Dr. Anna Strycharz (Postdoc Meertens Institute). Rubicon grant: Dialect levelling in an expatriate community? Exploring Japanese negation in the Netherlands. (supervision). See: http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/cms/nl/variatielinguistiek/30-algemeen/141209-externe-projecten

·         2008-2010: EARLY CHILD BILINGUALISM-project. NWO international program Language Acquisition and Multilingualism. Principal applicant. Co-applicants: Pof. dr. A. Hulk, Prof. dr. Antonella Sorace and Prof. dr. I. Tsimpli. Princical researchers (post-docs): dr S. Unsworth (Meertens/UU) and Froso Argyri (University of Edinburgh). http://ecb.childbilingualism.org/



·         Member of the FP7 network: 'Advancing the European Multilingual Experience'. See: https://vre.leidenuniv.nl/vre/atheme/public/default.aspx

·         Substitute Management member of COST network: 'New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe' See: http://www.cost.eu/domains_actions/isch/Actions/IS1306

·         Member WUN network "Understanding Globalization – Margins and Peripheries", PI Ana Deumert, University of Cape Town. http://dev.understandingglobalization.uct.ac.za/



·         2011-2015 Limburg portal in DBNL (Digital Library of Dutch Literature): http://www.dbnl.org/letterkunde/limburg/

·         2011-2012: CLARIN-project Cognition, Acquisition and Variation Tool (COAVA). Coordinator and Applicant. COAVA targets at interdisciplinary research into the relation between language acquisition and language variation by developing a tool for easily exploring the linguistic characteristics of objects. http://www.clarin.nl/node/2

·         2008: Chair Sociolinguistics Symposium 17 (SS17), Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/ss17/

·         2007-2012: EDISYN-project (European Dialect Syntax). Methodology. http://www.dialectsyntax.org/index.php/project-description-edisyn-mainmenu-50

·         2002-2007: SAND-project (Syntactic Atlas of the Dutch Dialects). Methodology: design of the fieldwork and syntactic elicitation techniques. http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/projecten/sand/sandeng.html

·         2001-present: STRAATTAAL ‘streetlanguage’. Research of mixed Dutch spoken by bilingual and monolingual youngsters in the cities in de Randstad. http://www.kennislink.nl/publicaties/hoezo-straattaal

·         1997-2002: TCULT-project (Talen en Culturen in het Utrechtse Lombok en Transvaal) that has been part of the NWO-program Pluriform and Multicultural Society. Co-applicant (with dr. J. Aarssen). This project involved sociolinguistic research of linguistic variation in the spontaneous speech of Dutch-Turkish, Dutch-Moroccan, Dutch-Surinamese youngsters. The data are available at the Max Planck Institute (Dutch Bilingual Database: DBL). http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/projecten/TCULT.html