• Dutch Folktale Database

    The Dutch Folktale Database enables you to search for historical and contemporary fairy tales, legends, saints' lives, jokes, riddles and urban legends.

  • Ethnological Keyword Database

    In the Ethnological Keyword Database (VTB) all ethnological books en articles from the library of the Meertens Institute can be found with the help of keywords.

  • Dutch Folksong Database

    The Dutch Folksong Database was launched on 22nd June 2007. This database gives access to more than 125.000 songs, from the Middle Ages to the modern times.

  • Database Migration in the Netherlands in the 20th century

    In this database, the migration of people in the Netherlands in the 20th century is visualised in maps. For each municipality the following questions have been answered: where have the ancestors of the present inhabitants been born, what is the birth place of the offspring of the inhabitants from a century ago en where do they live now.

  • Estate Inventory Database

    An estate inventory or probate inventory is an official document in which the possessions of a person or household are described. For more information, see the Estate Inventory Database.

  • Database Old Dutch Sizes and Weights

    The Database Old Dutch Sizes and Weights entails historic metrological data from the end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century.

  • Pilgrimage in the Netherlands

    In this database, the pilgrimage culture in the Netherlands from the sixth century A.D. till the present has been mapped out. The database contains data on 660 places of pilgrimage.

  • Database Patron Saints

    The Database Patron Saints entails data about the worship of a number of patron saints in The Netherlands and Flanders.

  • Reconstructed farms in the Netherlands

    The database Reconstructed farms in the Netherlands contains information about more than 7.000 reconstructed farms in the Netherlands.