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1121 Red Riding Hood, a collection of Dutch retellings, 2015-2016 (2019)

inhoud: This is diachronic collection of Dutch literary Little Red Riding Hood retellings which covers a time-span of more than two hundred years. The collection consists of 427 versions of Red Riding Hood. The oldest version dates from the late eighteenth century and the youngest from 2015. The stories were tokenized using the tokenizer Ucto, configured for the Dutch language. The total number of word forms (including punctuation) in the tokenized corpus amounts to 493,169 of which 10,683 occur uniquely. Each year in the collection is represented by three stories on average. The average story contains about 1,155 words. For more information, see

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Folgert Karsdorp and Antal van den Bosch (2016). The structure and evolution of story networks. Royal Society Open Science, 3 (6).


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