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1118 Dataset behorende bij proefschift ‘Typology and formal semantics of adnominal possession’ (2013-2018) 2019.

inhoud: The dataset provides insights about how adnominal possession is expressed in 70 genetically diverse languages. The database is primarily based on secondary sources: grammatical descriptions and papers dedicated to the expression of possession in specific languages. In some cases, I linguists working on a given language were also consulted.

The dataset was created within the project "Lend me your ears: the grammar of (un)transferable possession". It is supplementary to the dissertation "The typology and formal semantics of adnominal possession" defended by Lena Karvovskaya in 2018 in Leiden.

The main folder contains 4 folders:
1. The 'Data' folder contains: two main data files: an xml file and a txt file.
The xml contains the language data. The txt file contains the bibliographical information. The element and the attribute Resources= in the xml file provides a key to the corresponding bibliographical entry in the txt file.
2. The 'Dissertation' folder contains a pdf of the dissertation (open access published).
3. The 'Documentation' folder contains 3 files with documentation.
4. The folder 'Viewer_for_xml' contains a viewer to visualise the language data in the xml file. The viewer is HTML5 file The viewer can be run from a local computer through Mozilla. It can also be found online, on GitHub
5. This folder contains the 'Schenkingsovereenkomst'. Schenker geeft toestemming om haar naam te vermelden.

Project number
Main applicant
Prof. dr. J.E.C.V. Rooryck
Affiliated with
Stichting LingOA
Team members
Drs. E. Karvoskaya, Drs. J. Scholten, Dr. E. Schoorlemmer
01/02/2013 to 03/12/2018

resultaat: Lena Karvovskaya, Typology and formal semantics of adnominal possession (2018). PhD Thesis.

Open Access.

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Typology and Formal Semantics