Language in the marketing domain: macro and micro connections

Kelly-Holmes, Helen

University of Limerick, Ireland (Republic of)


Marketing is widely understood as equating to the sum total of everything a company is, as described or experienced by the customer. Extending this definition, language in the marketing domain would encompass everything a company is ‘linguistically’ as described or experienced by the customer. This represents the sum total of language policies, discourses and practices that occur in the process of selling a product. How these policies, discourses and practices are experienced in the marketing domain is an integral part of the consumption ‘experience’, and that consumption experience is in turn inseparable from its sociolinguistic setting, the norms of which may be reinforced or challenged by this marketing language.

This paper explores language in the marketing domain, particularly in relation to the theme of the conference, namely macro-micro connections. Using a number of contrasting case studies I will analyse marketing language in a range of contexts from global brands to local shops to show the connections between micro level practices and macro level structures and processes in this domain.

Session: Helen Kelly-Holmes
Thursday, April 3, 2008, 18:00-19:00
room: aula