Pupil disengagement and pedagogical climate

Pels, Trees

Verwey-Jonker Institute, Netherlands, The

WS172: Discourse in the multicultural school

Drawing form the data gathered in the project ‘Interactions in the multicultural classroom, processes of inclusion and exclusion’, this paper addresses student disengagement and relates it to the pedagogical approach in the math classes within the two multi-ethnic schools under study. More specifically, the social norms underlying classroom interactions are analysed for their correspondance with ‘youth interaction modes’, with how adolescents interact when they are among themselves. Also, students’ and teachers’ perceptions of nonparticipation, its ethnic distribution and relation to the pedagogical context are described. The findings suggest that the relational needs of students, as well as the feasibility of ‘interactive’ and peer-mediated methods of teaching in the multi-ethnic classroom, merit more study.

Session: Workshop (part 1)
Discourse in the multicultural school
Saturday, April 5, 2008, 09:00-10:30
room: 16