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The electronic book Syntactic Microvariation contains papers on various aspects of dialect syntax. Most of the papers were presented at the Workshop Syntactic Microvariation that took place in August 2000 at the Meertens Instituut in Amsterdam. The goal of this workshop was to start cooperation between a number of large scale European dialect syntax projects, including the ASIS-project in Italy, the SAND-project in the Netherlands and Flanders, the project English Dialect Syntax from a typological perspective at Freiburg, Germany, and the project Dialect Syntax of Swiss German at Zürich, Switzerland. This volume contains both papers on the design and methodology of dialect syntactic research projects as well as papers describing and analyzing syntactic microvariation from a typological and generative point of view.

The copyright of all articles is with the respective authors. A way of realizing publish-on-demand is currently investigated.

Editors: Sjef Barbiers (Meertens Institute), Leonie Cornips (Meertens Institute) and Susanne van der Kleij (Meertens Institute).
Assistant editor: Margreet van der Ham (Meertens Institute).

Publisher: Meertens Institute, Amsterdam, ISBN: 90 70389 67 3

This is volume II of the Meertens Institute Electronic Publications in Linguistics (MIEPiL).

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