About the Dutch Database on Shrines and Pilgrimage

In this database the pilgrimage culture in the Netherlands in the past and present (= from the 6th century to 2004/present) is mapped. Between 1993 and 2004 a team of over a hundred people worked on the publication of a four-volume lexicon of pilgrimage in the Netherlands

In 2012 the database comprises related data collections regarding 662 entries or individual places of pilgrimage. Each shrine is described - in Dutch - along a fixed structure, consisting of: Key Information; Illustrations; Topography; Cultus Object; (History of) Worship; Material Culture; Resources A, B and C.

The Key Information (Kerngegevens) with which each lemma begins, contains respectively the following elements: Place Name, Cultus Object, Feast Day(s), Period of activity of the shrine, location, present address, Municipality, Province, Diocese, Summary, Authors name.

The resources and literature are made up for each entry by three components (A, B and C). Under A, the archival sources and their text editions; B holds all published literature; C contains the other sources mentioned: oral sources and audiovisual material and the project file.

This database was initially displaying the mere electronic edition of the lexicon. Gradually, more and more additions and improvements are brougth in this database, so that it will acquire its own place, if only because of the possibility of online consultation and a freetext search function.

If the term "Heden" (= present) is filled in you will find the places that are still active in the 'present', i.e. at the end of the project (ca. 1997-2004).